Hospice would not exist without volunteers. Volunteers, both lay and health care professionals, work in all phases of hospice, providing clerical and administrative assistance as well as direct patient and family care.  Many volunteers are introduced to hospice through the death of a family member or loved one and find their experience so gratifying they want to give back.

Hospice volunteers help by:

  • Visiting patients—reading, going on walks, taking a pet for a walk, help prepare a meal
  • Supporting family members—helping with light housework or chores, giving a caregiver a break, running an errand
  • Supporting the hospice bereavement team

Generally, those interested in becoming hospice volunteers in the patient care setting must complete a Hospice Volunteer Training course.  Most hospice programs offer these trainings 2-3 times annually.  For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact a hospice program in your area